Friday, September 21, 2007


Don't tell anyone this but I'm a fairy. Nobody knows you see because I never transform around other people. My name is Pixie and I am a green fairy. You see in the fairy tribe I come from they have three different types of fairies: the purple fairy, the green fairy and the yellow fairy. The purple fairies are the queen fairies the fairies that live inside the Queen fairies castle. The green fairies are just normal fairies and the yellow fairies are people such as nurse fairies etc...

I am glad I am a green fairy because I get to do whatever I like and I have a really nice fairy house inside a giant mushroom. I usually transform at night when nobody is around. I started transforming into a fairy one day when I was about 9 and I think it was because I ate this crab apple and you're not supposed to eat them! I am 11 now so that was 2 years ago. Now that I'm a fairy it gives me the ability to fly around which is great because at night I go to all my friends houses and check that they are okay.
Sometimes if they are having trouble getting to sleep or they are feeling ill or anything I use my magic to help them. The house I go to most often is Amie's house because she's my best friend.
There are three different types of magic: the healing magic (that helps people), the touchstone magic (that makes things appear and disappear) and come along magic (that brings you anything you want.
This is my friend Ee-oor he is a little pocket dragon not like his cousins who are Wedge dragons (this means they are big and purple!) or like his other cousins who are minute dragons (this means they are almost invisible!)
Anyway I just thought you might like to know a few things about what it is like to be a fairy.