Friday, July 20, 2007

Cinderella's story

once upon a time there were a man who lived a happy life with his waive and there doter Cinderella was the candle which light there life .
One day the mother dead and lift Cinderella alone without a mother , the father feel like his doter want a mother to take care of her so he married a widow with tow girls but they weren't love Cinderella because she is more beautiful than her , the father want to travel so he left Cinderella with her step mother , after the dad go the step mother give 's room to her doters and she take all thing from Cinderella and she give her an ugly dress and she allows to her to sleep in the kitchen .
one day, the prince make a dancing party and he give an invention to all girls on the country to came and dance and the prince 'll choose from there a princess , when the inventions arrive to Cinderella's home the step mother cut Cinderella's invention so Cinderella can't go to the party .
the party came and Cinderella help her sisters to get ready , after her sisters go Cinderella goes to her bed to cry and cry , suddenly Cinderella hear a voice witch ask her " why are you crying , dear??" Cinderella explain all thing so the witch give Cinderella a cart to go to the party and she gave her a shoes and a dress and she tell her to came back at 12 o'clock .
Cinderella goes to the party and when , the prince see her he love her and he ran to dance with her so they dance with each other .
at 12 o'clock Cinderella left the party and when she was run her shoes goes out from her leg she doesn't came back to take the shoes so she came back with one shoes .
the prince found the shoes and he decide to take the shoes to all girls have an invention and the girl which the shoes came at her leg she will be the princess , they haven't find the girl , but they arrive to Cinderella house and the shoes came on Cinderella's leg so the prince marry Cinderella and they live with each other
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Carolyn Foote said...

Thank you for sharing the story of Cinderella!

Cinderella is a story that gets retold in many countries!

What other books do you like?

Administrator said...

Thank you, a very nice version of Cinderella. This story never grows old. I think too that you may have a future as a storyteller, keep up the good work!