Thursday, July 19, 2007

snow white

snow white

writer : walt disney

publisher : nahdit misr ____________________________________________________________________ summery :
once upon a time there were a princess called " snow white " her father the king was dead so she lived with her wicked stepmother snow white was beautiful , her hair was as black as night , her skin was as white as snow , her lips were as red as a red rose .
the queen was jealous from snow white's beauty the queen ask the magic mirror about who are the fairest one and the mirror was rippled " you are but snow white is fairer than you when the queen hear snow white's name she shouted " it cant be " so the queen said " I should kill her "
The next day the queen sent for the hunter "you should take snow white to the forest then you'll kill him there "she ordered" and you'll give me her heart to believe you" she completed. the hunter take snow white to the forest but he doesn't kill him because he can't kill some one very kind like her so he said to him to ran a WAY AND NEVER CAME BACK .
Snow white ran away in the forest she was afraid and she wasn't know where she will go her legs take him to a small house she hammer the door and she said " hello , hello " but no one answered so she came on she was amazed because all thing was dirty and there were seven from all things ( spoons , chairs , cups and bowls ) she clean the home with her friends ( animals ) and in a half of hour the house cleaned snow white has been tired so she goes up and fill asleep .
the dwarfs came home they think that home isn't their home then they understand that is their home .
" be careful there someone home search every where " said a dwarf the dwarfs search every where then they goes upstairs ( bed room ) they found a beautiful girl sleep on three beds they don’t woke him up but when she hear him she wake up by her self .
she introduce her self and she tell him her story and they do like her they compassion of her so they left her to live with him in her house and when they goes out she'll clean and cook .
Meanwhile the wicked stepmother ask the magic mirror the same question and the mirror answered the same answered " snow white " the queen have been angry and she swear to kill her so she goes down to the cellarage and she make a spell she do a magic apple who will eat it will die
in the morning the stepmother change her self to an old women and she goes to the dwarfs home she wait the dwarfs to get out after they get out the old women make snow white to eat from the apple snow white fill down on the floor and the old woman laugh the dwarfs came off to the home and they found snow white on the floor they cried so much and they try to get her up but they can't so they but her in a glass box with some gold
One day the prince was in the forest and he saw snow white he love her and he kissed her
When he kissed her she get up and she married the prince and they live with each other .

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